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Perth / WA Open Days 2020

(includes supplied dates for tertiary level College & TAFE Open Days & Education EXPOs & Fairs Perth & WA schedule - more updates being added when available)

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Western Australia Universities- click for website -

CQUniversity (CQU)

August 24th 2019 (Saturday) Perth Open Day

Curtin University (CURTIN)

July 21st 2019 (Sunday) Open Day

Edith Cowan University (ECU)

July 28th 2019 (Sunday) Joondalup Campus

August 11th 2019 (Sunday) Mount Lawley & Waapa Campus

August 25th 2019 (Sunday) South West Campus

Murdoch University (MURDOCH)

July 28th 2019 (Sunday) Open Day

University of Notre Dame (UNDA)

August 11th 2019 (Sunday) Open Day Fremantle

University of Western Australia (UWA)

August 4th 2019 (Sunday) Open Day (Perth) 9am-3pm

WA EXPOs & Fairs

Careers Expo Perth

May 16th 2019 (Thursday) Careers Expo & VET Expo

May 17th 2019 (Friday) Careers Expo & VET Expo

May 18th 2019 (Saturday) Careers Expo & VET Expo

May 19th 2019 (Sunday) Careers Expo & VET Expo

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Perth - WA Open Days Calendar

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