Top 10 What To Wear To An Open Day

What to wear to an Open Day? Check out our Top 10 Open Day Style Guide to have yourself looking good as you personally inspect your potential future places of study.

10. Wear Comfortable Walking Shoes

An Open Day can involve walking long distances and standing for long periods of time so comfortable walking shoes are what's required.

9. It's Best Not To Wear A Suit

An Open Day is not a job interview but if you think you will be more comfortable in a suit or if you are already wearing one then go for it, it's really up to you.

8. Dress Casually

An Open Day is not a cocktail party but if you will feel more comfortable in an evening dress and heels then go for it, that will be the right choice for you.

7. Don't Go The Full Bogan

It's great to dress casually in your everyday clothes but it might be a good idea to avoid going the full bogan and instead pull together some smarter looking casual clothes for your Open Day interactions.

6. School Uniform Is Okay If You're Already Wearing It

If you have a class or other school activity on the same day as the Open Day then it's no problem wearing your school uniform to the event. Otherwise it might be better to practice wearing casual clothes rather than put on your uniform just to go to an Open Day, although ultimately it is up to you.

5. Dress Appropriately If It's Going to Rain

Most Open Days will go ahead come rain, hail, or shine, so if rain is coming you need to be prepared because you will still need to move around outside.

4. Be Prepared For A Sunny Day

Most Open Days are held closer to the middle of the year but it can still be hot and sunny up north or at any events held later in the year.

3. Don't Wear An 'I'm With Stupid' T-Shirt If You're Going With A Friend

It might seem funny to you at the time but a friend would probably prefer not to be referred to in this way.

2. What's My Scene? Dress Your Style

If you've got your own style for the weekends then that is the perfect gear for an Open Day, just relax and be yourself that is the main thing.

1. Wear Whatever You Want To Wear

Put yourself in the picture whatever you want to wear will be great nobody cares what people wear everybody is busy with their own concerns this page is just some ideas for people who are not sure what is involved. The main thing is you attend any Open Days of interest and start your journey to wherever it is you might want to go in your life.

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