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What Are The Top 10 Things To Do At An Open Day?

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1: Get There Early

Two main reasons for getting to an Open Day early are that firstly there will be a lot of things to cover and secondly a lot of future students will be there wanting to cover them so things could get busy. Get there early, get things done, and then enjoy yourself.

2: Wear Comfortable Walking Shoes

University campuses can cover a huge area so you need to be prepared for a long day of walking and standing as you explore what's on offer. Comfortable walking shoes and weather-appropriate clothing are what's required.

3: Don't Be Too Dazzled Or Overwhelmed

There can be a lot of things going on with musical entertainment, performers, free food, clubs and societies, a multitude of information sources, and of course balloons. Don't be distracted by all of this, just make sure you stay focused until you find what you need and then you can start to enjoy yourself.

4: Follow Your Plan Of Action As Much As Possible

You should already have a plan of action which you have developed either by yourself or in combination with a university planning guide. Try to follow the most important points and get as much as possible of the rest done before doing other things.

5: Get A Map And Go On A Campus Tour If Available

There will be lots of people around the campus to ask for directions, but sometimes it can be good to have your own map either on paper or downloaded or both, and even better to go on a guided campus tour if there is time and it is part of your plan of action.

6: Locate Sources of Information

Your main focus at the Open Day will be to locate and obtain information related to firstly the areas of study, courses, and career pathways of interest to you and secondly the more general information you want about things like scholarships, facilities, accommodation, and living costs.

7: Ask Questions And Talk To People

Most events will have a mixture of academic and administrative staff along with current and past students available to answer questions and discuss matters of interest. These people are there to talk to you so make sure you take advantage of this and talk to them to find out what you want to know.

8: Experience The Inside Of A Lecture Theatre Or Classroom

Some university lecture theatres can be quite large. It would be great if you could sit inside one, or else just a seminar room or classroom, and even better if you can attend an actual lecture or seminar being delivered, especially one connected to your area of interest.

9: Check Out The Clubs And Societies

The clubs and societies will be active around campus. If you haven't already planned to join one or more then have a look at what is on offer and if anything interests you then have a chat and get ready to join if you want to participate when the study year begins.

10: Enjoy Yourself

Eat some food, listen to the music, enjoy some performers, watch a demonstration, join in some activities, relax, smile, make some friends, and most importantly of all, burst a balloon or two (every little bit counts).

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