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How Do I Prepare For An Open Day?

preparing for an Open Day

Plan Your Day

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail." This old saying can be applied to most things in life and an Open Day is no exception. Planning your day, at least at a basic level, can be very important in terms of time management, information gathering, and experiencing and participating in activities.

Select Suitable Courses Or Areas of Study

If you have not yet decided on an exact area of study then you will need to be well organised to gather information about the different areas of study you might be interested in. If you have already selected an area of study then you can focus on a specific course or course options within that area.

Which University Is Right For You?

Once you have a general idea about areas of study or particular courses you can match these with a suitable university or universities. Aspects such as:
   - course availability
   - entry requirements
   - university location
   - perceptions of quality
are just some of the components to selecting a university and deciding which university Open Days to attend.

Go To As Many Open Days As Possible

You might have already identified your number one university preference and intend to go to the Open Day, but this does not mean you cannot go to other Open Days as well. Going to more than one Open Day becomes even more important for students who have not yet made a final decision and really need to embark on a hands-on examination of the various options available. All students can benefit from attending Open Day and Info events offered by a number of different institutions rather than limiting themselves to only one.

Register for the Open Day

Many of the universities encourage future students to register for their Open Day event so the student can obtain the Open Day schedule and planning guide. This is a great service for students so make sure you take advantage of it where it is available.

Get the Open Day Program or Schedule

You will most likely receive a program if you register for an Open Day event otherwise you should search the university Open Day page for any program or schedule which is available.

Create a Checklist

With the Open Day schedule you can really start to plan your day with a checklist of the information you need such as:
     - course details
     - career options
     - work placements
     - clubs and societies
     - sporting facilities
     - accommodation and housing services
     - lectures, seminars, and demonstrations

Check Your Transport Options

Work out how you will get there and back. If you need to catch public transport you should check the weekend timetable to make sure you can travel as required, especially if the Open Day is on a Sunday. Also do a search for how to get to your destination university as there might be some particular advice or even free buses to the event.

ready for the Open Day

Ready To Go!

With your checklist prepared and your transport arranged you can grab your comfortable walking shoes and you are ready to go. See you at the Open Day!

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