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Can Parents and Guardians Go To Open Days?

Parents and Guardians Go To Open Days

Everyone Is Welcome

Parents and guardians, along with other family members and friends, are all welcomed and encouraged to attend Open Day and Info events along with prospective future students. Students can benefit from having someone else with them who can add some energy to a shared search and gathering of information and experiences. Someone supportive can also keep a student on track and remind them about questions which need to be asked and any important information which has been overlooked. It can also help to have someone trusted, who understands exactly what is involved, to discuss issues and thoughts which have emerged through the Open Day visit.

Roles Of Parents And Guardians

One role of parents, guardians, and other responsible family members, can be to accompany the student while providing support and impartial advice. Along with this, universities and colleges also recognise the special role parents and guardians can play in exploring various study options and helping students in making decisions, including the emotional involvement they can have in these decisions.

Learning About Higher Education

Many of the universities are aware that parents and guardians might not be familiar with the latest developments in higher education and so might not be in the best positon to help a student. To overcome this the universities can hold targeted sessions for parents and guardians or else provide guidance about which of the general sessions or information points should be accessed to acquire the knowledge required. Parents and guardians might want to learn about aspects such as fees, HECS-HELP and scholarships, study abroad options, study and career pathways, and student housing if that is required. Learning these details of higher education can put a parent or guardian in a better position to provide the advice and assistance a student might need to make an informed decision about their future study options.

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